Emails like the ones below inspire me to work towards
making Barbados-Travel-Secrets the very  best resource 
for planning a trip to Barbados.


If your newsletter will be anything like your website, I
look forward to every word. Your writing style is the
perfect mix of information and charm. It's like reading
a letter from a close friend.
Thanks again.

Thank you so much for making such a helpful website!
I'm currently trying to plan a vacation for my boyfriend
and I. We both are about to graduate college and need
some R&R (and time away from our computers!).
I'm  hoping that we can book a week at Mango Bay in
Holetown, the Cool Runnings Cat. cruise, and rent a car
(maybe a rum tour as well!). Your website has completely
eased my worries about booking all sorts of activities!
Thanks again! :)

I liked your site very much actually bookmarked it, 
I found it very imformative and without bias, which is
what I think everyone nowadays is looking for.

Great Job!

I think that you have potrayed Barbados very well and that
the site is wonderful and it will let people see the beauty that
Barbados has.  Will you be adding hotels and restaurant 
reviews as well?