Caribbean tourist attractions of the magical kind: Harrisons Cave

 Harrisons Cave Barbados

There are few Caribbean tourist attractions of the truly magical kind. 

Places that are unforgettable and not just another photo in your "Barbados vacation album". 

Here's our first entry in the "Do not visit Barbados unless" list.

Simply a Must Do experience.

This may come as a surprise:  Barbados is actually full of caves.  Some as small as a car, and others large enough to cover entire villages.  But there's no other cave as large and majestic as Harrisons Cave....that we know of! :-)

Harrisons Cave Barbados

Harrisons Cave cliff

For the super adventurous, Coles cave is right next door. It's completely untouched and perfect if you like to get down and dirty.

On to the tour of Harrisons Cave. Ready? Let's go!

Your tour starts off with a quick video on the geography and geology of Barbados and then you're on to the trains!

(Note: the cave was recently renovated and re-opened for 2008.  Check back on this page for new pictures of the welcome area and new trams)

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Harrisons Cave Barbados

Harrisons Cave Barbados

A few seconds drive in the trams and you're face to face with one of the most beautiful natural formations in the Caribbean world!

The lighting in the cave is just right to maintain the natural feel  of the stalactites and stalagmites while adding a little extra flair.  Don't be caught without a camera.

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Harrisons Cave Barbados

Stalactites at the Cave    

The tram stops at the Rotunda room and the cascade pool.  You can get off and take plenty of pictures of the pools and the limestone formations.

Harrisons Cave Barbados

Subtle lighting at Harrison's Cave

The calcium rich water adds to the stalactites and stalagmites at an achingly slow pace.  Somewhere in the region of ten centimeters per 1000 years!  Really laid back :-)

Harrisons Cave Barbados

Caribbean tourist attractions of Limestone

Barbados photos: You may want to make sure your camera has a good flash to capture the colors and penetrate some of the darker areas of the cave.  

Harrisons Cave stalactites and stalagmites

Beautiful lighting

It's a great way to see Barbados from a unique angle and is one of the most popular tourist attractions.  Caribbean islands have a variety of  interesting naturals spots, but you just have to love the cave in Barbados.  

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 Harrisons Cave Barbados


This picture of stalagmites gives you an idea of how dark the cave is.  This is a group of stalagmites that are only front lit.  

There are several taverns that still have not been added to the tour because of  their difficult location.  I can't imagine what the tour will look like 10 years from now. 

Harrison's Cave Barbados Trams

New Trams-post renovations

Caribbean tourist attractions of Barbados:

Secret tip:
If there is something that you absolutely do not want to get wet, bring a plastic bag to place it in.  

Barbados is mostly limestone, so the cave is quite porous and you may get a little wet at some points.  It's so worth it!

 Harrison's Cave in Barbados

Caribbean tourist attractions of beauty!

This will be one of your most magical moments on the island.  On my last trip they turned off the lights to show you how dark the cave really is.  

Enjoy a wonderful experience :-)

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You're a nature lover right?  Then check out  the Graeme Hall nature sanctuary for an adventure with birds in the last remaining marsh land on the south coast of Barbados..

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