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The climate and rainfall in Barbados

barbados weather forecast

Today, the Barbados weather forecast predicts gorgeous weather.  Wish you were here! Ask a visitor about their vacation and they will rave about the warmth and days and days of brilliant sunshine.

Beautiful Starry nights

Breathtaking sunsets

Clear blue skies...

So why does the current Barbados weather forecast show scattered showers so often?

Climate and rainfall in Barbados

The on-line forecast almost always predicts rain. What you're seeing is the reference to tropical showers that occur on every Caribbean island every few days.  

These are usually very brief and localized-often raining in one area with brilliant sunshine 1/2 mile away.  No need to even leave the Beach!

Bottom line: Don't focus too much on the online weather forecast. If you watched them every day, you would think there was rarely weather in Barbados like this:

barbados weather

Barbados hurricane season

So what about a hurricane? Barbados Hurricane season is between June and November, but funny enough these are still some of the most popular months to visit.


Barbados is below and to the east of the path of most hurricanes and is outside of the Caribbean island chain. (Click for a unique perspective on Barbados hurricanes)

Every tropical island can have its touch of bad weather though. If there is a tropical depression in the current Barbados weather forecast you could expect a day or so of rain. It's always warm, so no problem. 

Barbados Temperature

Average Barbados temperature ranges from 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit- the equivalent of 24-29 degrees Celsius.  

For the entire year! (Click to see the weather in Barbados by month)

So, lovely blue skies, warm days, tropical breezes, and located outside of the hurricane belt. All these add up to the weather in Barbados being.....

                                 The most beautiful in the Caribbean!
barbados weather forecast

You'll need your sunscreen a lot more than you'll need an umbrella.
Enjoy a wonderful Island!

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