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Rohan Gilkes

In a world where life balances on the precipice of a cliff strewn with banana peels, where trees cause global warming, and cigarettes are better for you than exercise...where closing your eyes tightly enough and wishing hard enough leads to enumerable happiness and riches (not necessarily in that order), I your humble servant invite you to kick off your beach sandals and get snug. 

So who's this Rohan guy who talks about Barbados like it's the last place on earth?  He's an accountant, CFA charterholder, bookworm,  Bajan, and semi-introverted extrovert.  He can be overly cautious, yet measuredly risk-taking.

Above all, he likes simplicity. (Full of contradictions, I tell ya!)

Sometimes a little picky, but this quirk ensures that every feature on the site meets your high standards.  

He has never built a website before and was last overheard mumbling, “why can’t the thing just work?”

My promises to you

 My content is based on my actual experiences.   I only recommend locations or providers that I trust and believe in.

Your experiences will be highly personal.  I received this note from a reader, "Rohan, the Flower Cave was the highlight of my trip to Barbados!". And from another visitor, "Hey Rohan, I had a blast!.  The only place I didn't like that much was the Flower Cave!"  I smiled.

That's all I got

Anyhow, the site isn't really about me, so I won't hold you any longer.  As always, get in touch if there is anything you think I can do to make your visit to Barbados easier.

Be easy.

PS I built this site using SBI! If you've heard of SBI!, but have run into a fake review, you need to visit the

Site Build It Scam site to get the real story.

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