Caribbean Tourist Attractions
Barbados photos of Animal Flower Cave

 Flower cave in Barbados

Caribbean tourist attractions come in all shapes and sizes and every island is unique in its own way!  

Take a second and think about the best tropical vacation you ever had.  

Replay the memories.  Visualize the sunsets.  Really place yourself there again.

They're so many magical spots in Barbados, you could visit several times without enjoying the best locations.

Wouldn't it be great to narrow down the list to the true MUST SEE locations?  I  have a select list of places that I not only love to visit, but am excited about sharing.  

Only the most visually breathtaking locations made the list, so you'll have the best chances for great Barbados photos.  Of course, you won't forget these places...with or without photos!  First on the list:

The Animal Flower Cave 

animal flower cave

Looking East from the cave

The name is a bit of a misnomer.  They're no animals, and the few flowers that could be found in the cave are hardly exciting enough for a trip to the northern tip of the island.  The breathtaking scenery more than makes up for this though.  You will spend as much time on the cliffs outside the cave as you do inside.  I guarantee it!

Caribbean Tourist Attractions in Barbados

animal flower cave view from the cliff

 Look closely.  You'll see a guy close to the edge.

You have a perfect view to the horizon from the cliff and the sights and sounds of the waves crashing onto the rocks are spectacular.  Here's a quick look at my last visit to the Flower cave in Barbados.
Animal flower cave view to the horizon

The view out to the ocean

They're about 15 or 20 steep steps that lead to the cave.  The guide took us on a 15 minute tour and showed us some of the remaining flowers and the clear pools of water.  Ready to see inside the cave? Let's take a look.

Barbados Images of Caribbean vacation attractions

This is the main cavern, and the first room you'll see at the bottom of the steps.
Animal flower cave Barbados

Window to the ocean in the main cavern

Here's the second large cavern that's a bit off to the right.  There's a gorgeous pool of water there and you're welcome to go for a swim.  It's one of my favorite secret swimming spots on the island.  The guides may get a bit impatient if you swim for a really long time so I asked them if they would let us stay in the cave by ourselves and they did.  

Just thought I would let you know ;-)
flower cave Barbados

Caribbean tourist attractions in Barbados

You're going to love the "windows" that allow you to look out to the horizon.  The picture below is the view out to the ocean from the "swimming cavern".  

There is another small pool in this cavern, but you'll only see it if you're adventurous! (You'll have to swim to the end of this pool [It's about 6 feet at the deepest point] and climb up on the rocks to the right.  

This picture looks like the sea pours directly into the cave.  It's actually a few meters below, but the Atlantic waves crash into the cave and keeps the  water nice and warm.
flower cave pool
Window to the Atlantic ocean-Tourist Attractions in Caribbean

Here's a view out to the cliff from inside the cave.
view from flower cave in Barbados

View to the cliff  at the Flower Cave Barbados

A magical Barbados Adventure

 flower cave Barbados

Crashing waves are a lovely extra treat if the weather is right.  
Take a dip in the pool and then take a  stroll along the cliff.
Since the cave is at the northernmost point of the  island, you can choose which coast you want to see on the way to one of the best Caribbean tourist attractions.  A MUST DO EXPERIENCE!

More Must see locations?  

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