Barbados Cruises
Photos of the terminal and cruise ships

Barbados cruises are a great way to see the island and fall in love for the first time.  Fall in love you will!  

The romantic beaches, the Barbados shore excursions, the lovely weather in Barbados, the amazing Bajan people...don't be surprised if your cruise compels you to return for a longer stay in paradise

Take a quick photo tour:

Barbados Terminal

Check out the Cruise terminal in Barbados.
 Barbados Cruises ship

The Bridgetown terminal has its own little gems to welcome cruises to the island.
Take in a bit of duty-free shopping, get ready for your shore excursion or taxi pickup
or take a stroll into Bridgetown.  More pictures of the Cruise Terminal in Barbados.

Cruises to Barbados

Read a bit about the cruise industry and Barbados
 Cruises to Barbados ship at night

A cruise is a great way to get-away and relax for a few days.  You're going to love your Barbados stop.  So what are the four classes of cruises? Where can you find the cruise ship schedule?  Click to read more on Cruises to Barbados.

Barbados Port

Photos and info on the port
 Barbados port

The Barbados port in Carlisle Bay is the main port of entry for cruise ships and is recognized as one of the top ports in the Caribbean.  The number of berths, the entrance for technical details and more pictures of the Barbados port.

Cruise Ship Pictures

Photos of cruise ships
 Barbados cruise ship

Presently, the Bridgetown Port can handle 5 cruise ships at any one time and was recently chosen as the homeport for the new cruise ship Ventura.  Click here to see the

many Cruise Ships that visit Barbados  (Opens in a new window).

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