Barbados Condo Rental

 barbados condo rental

Take a look at this Barbados condo rental.  
You know that lovely feeling you get when you take that first step into your hotel or villa?  Well multiply that by 10.

Of course you don't want your Barbados condo rental to be a total surprise.  Usually, that's bad.  

Plus, I'll try to take most of the surprise out of the equation by giving you a good idea what these condo rentals in Barbados look like.

You will see right away that the main room is sensational.  

Don't take my word for it.

Barbados Condo Rental - Apt # 10
barbados condo rental 

Charmingly designed living room

The bedroom is very inviting.  It's one of those places that makes you feel at home even though you're miles away.

Try getting that feeling from a hotel room!  

Anyhow, off to the bedroom.  You're greeted by an absolutely luxurious, modern, and sensational master bedroom...

barbados condo rental master 

Master bedroom: Modern, yet cozily designed

You will see that no expenses has been spared to make this Barbados condo rental comfy and inviting.  You'll find comfy couches, flat screen tvs, complimentary DVD players...and the chance to listen to soothing waves outside your window at any time.  

Air Conditioning: In both bedrooms.  If you are like me and are accustomed to the tropical weather, you can simply open the windows and let the cool sea breeze in.  

On the other hand, if you like it nice and cool, crank that a/c up and relax.

View out to the jetty
barbados condo rental view

All of the St. Lawrence Gap apartments have full kitchens with top-of-the-line European appliances that complete the full home-away-from-home look and feel.  (Microwave, oven, stove, dishwasher, fridge, freezer)

 barbados condo rental
Barbara Hobson runs a charming place to stay in Barbados.  

She's an energetic and friendly lady and a welcomed break from the large impersonal hotel chains.  

If you have any questions before you get there, she will share her tips.  

What more could you ask for...
  • Sweet location
  • luxurious living room, dinining room, kitchen, and bedrooms
  • the most amazing views
  • The best sleeps you'll ever have

Villa Rental Details 

Price: $200 US per night (Low season) and $300 US per night (High Season)
Complimentary: Free fishing rods, Reels, and coolers, wireless internet.

Price includes: Housekeeper, Linens, Kitchen utensils and equipment, washer/dryerand a/c in both bedrooms.

Wow Factor: Patio access from both bedrooms makes this a truly amazing barbados condo rental.

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