Barbados Condo

 Barbados condo

Suppose you were to offer me a Barbados Condo rental in the middle of St. Lawrence Gap.  Miles of white sandy beaches lay just across the street.  

I would be in the midst of some of the best restaurants Barbados had to offer.

Locals hang out here.  Tourists hang out here.  Spontaneous and interesting conversations or the order of the day.

It would be Barbados condo rental heaven!

"Sounds great! But ahem, how much is this going to cost me?"

Luckily Barbara Hobson saves the day with this beautiful  Barbados Condo that I like to call King's Castle (Apartment #1)

Let's take a quick walk-through together:

Barbados condo sofa 
I love this sofa!

The second bedroom: Perfect for children
Barbados condo sofa 
Twin Beds in the second bedroom

The master bedroom boasts a lovely and comfortable bed.  Words do not justice, take a look!
barbados condo master bedroom 

Barbados condo 

The views from these condos in Barbados are simply amazing.  Just try not to lounge there too long, remember to get out and see the island :-)
Barbados condo view 

Barbados Condo- view from the private terrace

The living room design is a cool mixture of modern furniture with a touch of rustic design  I so want that coffee table.
barbados condo living room 

Living Room

The pool and view to the beach
barbados condo jetty 

Sunbathing anyone?

So the price? When Barbara told me that the rate was "very reasonable" she was serious.  

It's $300 per night and that can be for up to four people.  In the low season the price drops to $200 per night.

 barbados condo
Barbara Hobson runs a charming place to stay in Barbados.  

She's an energetic and friendly lady and a welcomed break from the large impersonal hotel chains.  

If you have any questions before you get there, she will share her tips.  

Villa Rental Details 

Complimentary: Free fishing rods, Reels, and coolers, wireless internet, DVD player, washer/dryer.

Price includes: Housekeeper, Linens, Kitchen utensils and equipment.

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