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Our secret trip to Paradise

Anita in Barbados

Barbados Travel Reviews of a lovely surprise vacation.

Editor's note:

Anita (pictured above) planned a  surprise vacation to Barbados for her brother and his wife to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  What unfolds is a magical photo and video journal of their trip.  Anita's journal is so detailed, it's split into 7 pages.  

Page 2:

Last call for our flight to Barbados!

As we walked down the aisle to our seats David and Arlette spotted us and broke out in laughter.  

During the 4 ½ hour flight, we exchanged stories on everything that went into planning the trip. True to plan, David and Arlette only found out that they were heading to Barbados when they reached the airport in Atlanta.

David and Arlette napping on the plane 

Taking a nap on the Plane

Even the skycap in New Orleans helped play along.  As David checked the luggage, the skycap asked, “What is your final destination?” David replied, “To be honest, we have no idea".  

The skycap smiled broadly, and said, “I wish I were going where you’re going!”

When we arrived at Grantley Adams airport, Barbados we did the usual customs routine, grabbed our luggage and met our driver.

Ride to the villa 

Van Ride to the Villa

The 45-minute ride to our villa – The Little Good Harbor was pleasant as we drove along the west coast of the island. We researched this villa online and found some great Barbados travel reviews.

Barbados Travel-Vacation Rentals

We had a pleasant surprise when we got to our villa:  Graham, our host, greeted us and ushered us to our second-floor, ocean-front room.  What a place!  

While we enjoyed our welcome drinks, Graham shared some local stories and great Barbados travel info. We laughed and thanked him for his hospitality.

Graham gave us a quick tour of the cozy 2-bedroom suite, complete with a full kitchen, living area, and balcony overlooking the ocean.  Come along.

This is the Front Door to the villa
front door to the villa

Our cosy little living room
Simple and relaxing
living room

The kitchen was stocked with a microwave,
coffee maker, and other good stuff
Kitchen at the villa

The canopy bed is absolutely lovely


Now for the balcony and our amazing view of the beach.  
Click to play the video

We met some random guys who were more than happy to be our Barbados travel guides for the day.  Ready for more details and Barbados travel reviews?  Stay tuned...our first full day on the island starts with bang!

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