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Barbados weather and your vacation plans…let’s break down the myths. 

What are the chances of a hurricane?

What's the weather really like?  Get ready to make a prediction........

Which location is more likely to be hit by a hurricane?

A) Barbados B) Providence Rhode Island or C) Miami

Answer: Miami.  On average, Miami experiences five times as many hurricanes as Barbados.  Interestingly enough, Barbados experiences fewer hurricanes than Providence Rhode Island as well.

In any given 100-year period, Barbados can be expected to experience two major hurricanes and has seen only 8 major hurricanes since 1624.

Average number of hurricane  in a 100-year period.
(Source USA Today)

Any Hurricane Major Hurricane
Miami 26.3 11.1
Key West, Florida 19.6 17.7
Tampa, Florida 17.5 4.8
Galveston, Texas 14.3 4.2
Nantucket Mass. 12.5 3.2
Biloxi, Miss 10 3
Mobile, Ala 10 3
Charleston, SC 10 2.2
Providence R.I 10 2.9
Jacksonville Fla 9.1 1.9
Barbados 8.3 2.3
Brownsville, Texas 7.1 2.2

The island is truly unique in its location, tucked away in the most easterly area of the Caribbean, to the south and East of the hurricane track.  It has one of the lowest incidences of hurricanes in the Caribbean.

Don’t let hurricane worries put you off planning a visit from July to October.  August is among the most visited months (Crop Over festival) and is in the middle of “hurricane season”. 

Weather in Barbados

You will find temperatures rarely fluctuating more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire year (between 75 and 85).  Click for a detailed weather report for Barbados where we break down the Weather in Barbados by the month you plan to travel.

Weather Barbados, Sun Showers

It may come as a surprise, that on such a small island, tropical showers can vary so much from place to place (Bajans call them sun showers).  It can be raining in one spot, and totally sunny a few minutes away. One visitor joked that he stood on the sunny side of a street and saw a lady on the other side hustle by with an open umbrella. :- )

Weather forecast Barbados

Click for the Current Barbados weather forecast- Bridgetown Barbados Weather. (Opens in a new window)

Barbados online forecast

Be wary of the online weather report.  Barbados rain predictions can be misleading because of the tropical weather in the Caribbean.  Click for a must read page that touches on the difficulties in interpreting

Barbados online weather reports.

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