Weather in Barbados in each month

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The weather in Barbados is fairly consistent throughout the year.  Summer all year round!

70 degrees Fahrenheit counts as a chilly day so temperature is not a problem.

The only concern would be the rain.  Here's what to expect on your trip to Barbados.

Weather in Barbados in January

Barbados climate and weather in January can be summed up in one word: Dry! January falls in the middle of the dry season, so you can expect very little rain with a low of about 74 degrees F.  Summer time weather in January!

Barbados in February

Temperatures are essentially the same as January.  You will still be in the dry season and based on historical averages, you'll be looking at no more than two inches of rain for the whole month.

Weather Barbados April

Rain is still hard to find in April.  Warm sunny days and clear blue skies dominate with temperatures topping off in the mid 80's.

Barbados in July

The rainy season starts  in mid-July.  Fear not though.  You will find afternoon sprinkles that are very localized.  This is the general pattern for the rainy season.  Temperature: 77 to 85 degrees F.

Weather in Barbados in August

August is where the tropical storm worries begin.  Hurricane season is upon us, but wait.  Don't let a little rain deter you.  August is still one of the most popular months to visit.  Barbados is located more than 100 miles away from the hurricane path and has only been hit with 8 major hurricanes since the 1600's.

Major hurricanes are five time more likely to hit Miami than Barbados.  (Click for a detailed look at the chances of hurricanes in Barbados)

Weather in Barbados in September

Same range of temperature-75 to 85 (Okay, this is pretty much standard). If they're any showers you can expect them more in the early morning or in the pre-dawn hours.

Barbados Weather December   

Now for December local weather. Barbados temperatures take a small dip.  Temperatures hover in the low to mid-70's in the evenings.  That's the coldest it gets-still T-shirt weather!

Barbados year round

This should answer your questions on the annual weather, Barbados and should give you a better indication of the Barbados weather outlook for the time you’re going.

Bottom line: Rain is a fact of life in August, September, and October.  Don't let the "but it's hurricane season" worries put you off. Barbados' location is truly unique in the Caribbean in that it's the most easterly  island and falls too far south for most hurricanes.

Did you know there were only 8 major hurricanes in Barbados since the 1600's?  Read more about the chances of hurricanes on the  Barbados weather page.

Why do the online weather forecasts predict rain so often for Barbados?  Check out the Barbados weather forecast page for the answer.

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