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Cruises to Barbados are a great way to get away and relax for a few days.  
So how do you go about choosing the perfect cabin for you and your loved ones?  What is a "Panama Cruise"?  What are the four Cruise classes and what does it mean for your vacation?

Barbados Cruise Tourism

Cruises to Barbados are a big part of the Barbados Tourism industry and bring half a million visitors to the island per year.  That's almost twice the number of people in Barbados!

With all the little things that make Barbados special, it's no surprise that Barbados is so popular.  The island still leads the Caribbean with the most repeat visitors.

cruises to Barbados

Cruise Ship at the Barbados Cruise Terminal (click for a tour)

So how do you choose your cruise?  Here are the four classes of cruises:

Contemporary (value) cruises usually offer the best prices and great package deals.

Premium cruises
are simply that: Premium!  Great staff to guest ratio, top-notch service and of course, premium prices.

Luxury cruises
-These are the Rolls Royces of cruise ships.

Specialty cruises
usually cater to a special groups like seniors, singles or gays and lesbians.

Caribbean Cruises to Barbados

cruises to Barbados

St. James

The Barbados port can handle the largest cruise ships, including Panama-class ships. These are the largest cruise ships available.  The ship is named for the fact that it can hardly pass through the Panama Canal.  

Cruise to Barbados-Choosing your cabin

Cruises to Barbados


You choose between "run of the ship" or a "perfect" cabin.  "Run of the ship" cabins are a bit like flying stand-by.  You're not assigned a room until the week of departure, but this option is usually less expensive.

"Perfect" cabins are allocated well in advance and you are allocated the exact type of room you request.

Barbados Cruise Ship Schedule

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